Standing by My Husband Through an Addiction

Good morning! I am thrilled to announce that my first ever guest post will be shared on Sharing Redemption’s Story. This blog features beautiful and inspiring stories written about God’s redeeming love in marriage, and I’m honored to have an article chosen to be featured. My husband and I took on this project together in hopes that it would encourage and inspire another couple in a similar situation, and have lost hope that it will get better.


God can redeem even the mostย broken of marriages, and my husband and I can attestย to that in our testimony. Head over to the post and hear our story by clicking here.

Once you’ve read through there’s also a link available for an exclusive freebie prepared by yours truly. I hope it will be a blessing to you as you continue to pray for your marriage.




2 thoughts on “Standing by My Husband Through an Addiction

  1. Rebekah says:

    Thank you both for sharing your story. I am so blessed to read your story and share it with others. I think it’s something that so many people can relate to. And I pray that your story strengthens the next person to share their story.

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